Jim Polito says: “The person running the White House is not a man”, implying what?

IMG_1191When someone disrespects another person, I tend to get upset and, it disrupts my daily living for an hour or two. But when someone disrespects the President of the United States, my blood boils rather quickly.

On my way to work, I was listening a mediocre conservative talk show on 830 AM. A constant listener to this show, named “Gary”, called the radio and his first words were: “Jeb Bush and Barack Obama are idiots…”, and went on with his derogatory discourse. I could not believed what I heard! I was fuming! This ignorant listener had the indecency to call our President an idiot. My day was ruined. The whole day his words resonated in my ears like drum beats. Next morning, the host of another mediocre conservative radio show at 580 AM, went even further. In a few words, Jim Polito stated that our President is not a man. He stated that our President  has zero capacity to run the country. He claimed that the football player Tom Brady was a true man… That Brady indeed was a man, but not the person running the White House. He added that there are women that can be a man, but not our president. Such remarks upset the rest of my week. Mr. Polito claims to have class just because he graduated from a Roman Catholic high school in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Listening to his verbalism indicates the contrary. This man is grotesque. In fact, his brain is smaller than a peanut. He does not see beyond his nose. Every morning, the city of Worcester wakes up with this so called man bashing everyone he dislikes. Nevertheless, this time he went too far saying that our national leader is not a man. I hope his words have some resonance in the ears of the CIA or the FBI.

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