Spare Her Life

There is no need
To anger the soul
Of the one who loves you the most.
She’s the one who prays for you
To keep you safe and
Love you well, far from
Selfish thoughts. Come back
To her and kiss her, hug her.
Tell her everything will be fine
Underneath the blossom rose
And the nightingales’ tune.

Her lonesome soul cries your departure.
Her desperate spirit ceases to live without you.
Her beautiful eyes are rejecting the light.
Her nights are horrendous nightmares.
Her lips whisper your name senseless.

Spare her life.
You are the one.
Bring her peace and love.
Her heart is aching and,
because you left her
Hanging from the top of the cliff
Indifferent, cold, forgetful…

Return to her.

(2012′ From my poetry collection “Surreal”)


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