Poco a Poquito (Little by Little)

Poco a poquito, siento que todo
Lo que vivimos, no existe más.
Poco a poquito, tus bellos ojos
Desaparecen en el ayer.

Poco a poquito, tu voz serena
Es parte sólo de lo que fue.
Y así te pierdes en la distancia,
La indiferencia y el desamor.

Ya no te quiero. No me interesas.
Mas bien no existes en mi rosa de amor.
Ya no te quiero. Quizás no lo hice.
Poco a poquito no existes más.

Hoy no me acuerdo cómo mirabas.
Cómo besabas. ¿Cómo la ves?
Ya no recuerdo. Trato, y no puedo.
Es raro, entiendo. Pero así es.

Quiero desearte. Sentirte cerca.
E imposible. No puede ser.
Así es que digo, poco a poquito
Eres pasado. No hay más que hacer.


Little by little, I feels like everything
That you and I shared, certainly is gone.
Little by little,my our bright, hazel eyes
Had disappeared in the not long ago.

Little by little, your caressing voice,
It’s only part of what it was.
And in that matter, you indeed, had vanished
Throughout my dissipation, and lack of love.

I just don’t love you. I just don’t care for you.
In fact, you are nothing in my world of love.
I just don’t love you. Maybe I never beloved you.
Little by little, you are definitely gone.

I don’t remember the way you stared at me,
The way you kissed me. What do you think about that?
I don’t remember. I had tried to revoke it.
I know it sound like weird, but I just can’t.

I want to desire you the way I hungered you,
But it’s impossible, it cannot be.
Therefore, I must tell you. Little by little,
You are just part of yesterday without return.

(© 2002. Rosa Abraham, lyrics and melody)


Categories: Composición Musical-Songwriting

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