My True Safe Heaven

I came to the world with a purpose stamped on my forehead half of century ago. I haven’t though, at this stage of my life, find the true meaning of romantic love. Should anyone feel pettiness for me? No, because someone like me is timeless and inexplicable bored with this octagonal world. And that includes men. I settle for nothing. I question the unquestionable. I derive to the subconscious with reasonable excuses and I navigate an imaginary world. My logic is women + men = equality. Nothing more. Nothing less. Incidentally, this equation is minimized in the environment I live, leaving me no choice but, to excavate to the true essence of my existence. A posmodernist woman? A loving mom with no strings attached? A hermit, by choice? A voracious lioness defending her territory in this patriarchal society? Romantic love weakens my spirit. One takes and the other gives unconditionally. No a fair picture. So I remain unattached. My true safe heaven.


Categories: FREE WRITING

3 replies

  1. I’ve just started exploring your blog and look forward to be following. Stay with your own voice and lifestyle, that’s important. Perhaps one day, more people will be catching up with your thinking. In the meantime, the only thing you can do is to follow your own way.


  2. Beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to see my blog, and respond to my post.


  3. I’ve felt
    the pass of years
    and toil of tears,
    for love’s not always kind;
    but in the end
    our greatest friend
    is solitude of mind
    and heart, you see,
    for there we’re free
    to love with no remorse.
    So there I’ll be,
    in love with thee,
    my compass true to course.




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