Eternal Flame

Strangely two souls met in a winter night. Fate made its presence. They glanced at each other eyes intensely, lost in the space of time. Their hearts intrinsically connected; and an eternal flame bursted all of the sudden, inexplicably. No words were spoken. Not even a closed encounter. Abruptly, lightning strike between them. Confusion made a majestic entrance. Both lost sight of each other. It came the despair. No more enigmatic connection. No more surreal affinity. Everything was a mysterious mirage in Neverland. Nevertheless, it was not over. Both kept the eternal flame burning their heart over ten long years. Ten long years! Then it happened. He found her! He knocked at her house’s door. She opened it. She was mesmerized. Frozen. No words were spoken. There was no need. He walked in. They stared at their eyes. The flame was burning higher than ever. Higher and higher. Fate had brought them together. Now face to face. Trembling, he reached for her. Their lips connected. Magically, the afternoon became night. Time, graciously, encapsulated the moment. Two complete strangers were strangers no more. Finally two souls were reunited! What enchantment! The eternal flame never stop to cease in the heart of these soul-mates.

Categories: FREE WRITING


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  1. La llama eterna…una bonita historia, con su destino interpuesto, que termina en lo mejor. Me gusta.

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