uh46222,1285323954,graffiti-all-cops-are-bastardsThe other day, I was driving by a low income neighborhood. The city, trying to beautify every corner, had just finished constructing a sidewalk. The workers placed caution tape around the wet cement so no one would step on it. It did look very nice! I say “it did look very nice” because moments later,  a resentful teen decided to stamp his anger on the fresh cement. I was fuming by his actions. From my car, I told him to stop. He looked at me and ignored me. I told him again to stop destroying the city. His words? “F____ the city”, and kept digging on the cement. Such destruction affected the rest of my day. “So young and so destructive”, I thought. While some people are willing to build a better place, others find pleasure destroying it. It is a sad picture.

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