Love Is

Love is a feeling that no one
Really knows how to describe, because
Its immensity controls the universe.
Its capacity feeds entire nations.
Its power goes beyond a smile, and
Its contamination doesn’t respect others’ barriers.

Love is kind no matter what.
It’s forgiving and expects nothing in return.
It is a reflection of the Master of the Universe.
It’s stamped in everything we see, touch, smell,
Taste, hear, and imagine.

Love is a complex verb conjugated in so many ways;
Which in the process, stops, recharges, and goes on.

Love is happy sunrises and tired sunsets.
Love is flowers that blossom in summer and spring.
Love is water that travels through oceans, rivers, and lakes.
Love is trees that say “good morning” to us, when we go by.
Love is the birth of a child.
Its the greatest feeling of all.
Love is a gift,
a “sacred” token ready to be unfolded.
Only, if we ask.

( 2011, From my Poetry collection “Surreal”)


Categories: POETRY



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