Sweet Little One

Sweet little one, who moves your tail of happiness, you has changed my life completely. Your cute big eyes stare at me waiting for my response, while your little tail moves anxiously. Oh, beautiful creature! Sweet little one! I don’t… Read More ›


Loneliness and boredom Pushed me to Commit the most beautiful yet, Afflicting mistake: The purchase of A puppy. Yes, A beautiful Shorkie full of life and Love for Me and His surrounding. Now, Inundated with mixed Emotions, My mind Doesn’t… Read More ›

His Light

His light has shined my path All these time, And I didn’t noticed him, Until now. For so long I was wandering an equivocal orbit, Beyond my reach and, Dangerous to me In every way. Now I know better. His… Read More ›

On Giving

I give, not to receive. The pleasure Of giving, it’s greater Than the pleasure of Receiving. By giving, I receive The greatest feeling of all. Inexplicable, intangible, Hermetic and full of Butterflies in my stomach. Crazy? No. Undefined? At times…. Read More ›

Morning Mist

I woke up this morning rejuvenated by The beautiful view from my window. The sky was enchanted by majestic colors, Blue, pink, red, orange, gray, yellow… And I felt so good that, I forgot yesterday And the gloomy remembrance of… Read More ›

I Am Your Woman

Your stelar eyes Will guide my spirit. Your melodious voice Will sing to my ears. And your hands, sweet love, Will state: “I am your woman”. (2013, From my poetry collection “Surreal”)

I don’t Know

Can I live without his memory? I don’t know. He is in. That’s what matter! Ten years? One-hundred-twenty months? Five-hundred-twenty weeks? Three thousand, six-hundred-fifty days? Wasn’t that enough time loving him? I don’t know. I just know that he is… Read More ›


I loved him for so many years and Finally he came to me. Unpredictably, he appeared before my eyes, But it didn’t last long. Like a dream, he disappeared by the window of my soul. Like a whisper, he escaped… Read More ›