Morning Mist

I woke up this morning rejuvenated by
The beautiful view from my window.

The sky was enchanted by majestic colors,
Blue, pink, red, orange, gray, yellow…

And I felt so good that, I forgot yesterday
And the gloomy remembrance of him.

I felt alive! Happy! Energetic! Eager to
Start a new cycle of metaphors and similes
On everything I touch, smell, see, hear, and feel.

God, Nature, and the environment that surrounds me
It remind me that there is still hope for me,
A taciturn-afflicted animal creature of Earth.

(2013, from my collection “Surreal””)


Categories: POETRY


4 replies

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    Beautiful words – and where I can’t understand the words, lovely images.


  2. Colour always comes to the rescue! Many thanks for following dragonshades and leading me to your wonderful Blog.



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