I Write About…

I write about Love. Whatever that concept means to me.
I write about Fate, as if I know what Fate really is.
I write about Pain, convinced that I feel it everyday.

I write about Children, as the future of a questionable prorated world.
I write about Men, as creatures, for quite some time, overrated.
I write about Women, including myself, as opposed, but liberated now.

I write about Music, as the “cause and effect” of our insane society.
I write about Politics, and their crookery, power-hungry status.
I write about Nature, and the way humankind destroys it day by day.

I write about God and His Unconditional love for my son and for me.
I write about Sins, and how hard it is to stay away from it, on my daily basis.
I write about Free-will, and the disguised idea we all have, “we can do everything!”.

I write about everything, having the misconception that I am a writer, or a poet.
I write about everything, only fooling my opinionated- over dramatic spirit, because
I only write based on my own perception of my distorted world. The way I see it.
The way I hear it. The way I smell it. The way I touch it. The way I feel it.



Categories: POETRY


6 replies

  1. Truly lovely. Expression is a beautiful gift. Keep the vision! Tammy


  2. Reblogged this on Write Avenue and commented:
    A great poem from my friend Venus Bohemia. Enjoy!


  3. Oh my, this is very very good. I am moved and inspired for the day. 🙂



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