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  1. Your “tree of life” is quite interesting! Thank you for your visit to my blog! I enjoy yours as well!


    • Thank you. I went to visit a good friend of mine to his law firm, and there it was, in the lobby. I had to take a picture. It’s a door and it seems antique. He brought it from a foreign country.


  2. As I can not find any about page I want to thank you here – thank you for the follow! Have a great weekend!


  3. Thank you for all your nice comments.


  4. Hi Rosa
    Thanks for Liking my Post ‘A consummation devoutly to be wished’. I don’t really do this networking thing – my daughter set it up – and I’m a bit confused by your busy layout and the way I’m supposed to email you, sorry. I am driven crazy by having to register everywhere with pointless passwords I can’t remember, but anyway I hope this gets to you with my best wishes and that you will keep reading me, I’ll try to keep reading you too.
    Nice graphic. Good studs.
    xPaul (Themindbogls).


  5. I love this. It looks like a door, in a way. I’m wondering what medium you used?



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