Worcester’s Blizzard 2015

Worcester looks so beautiful
For her blizzard wedding 2015.
Ushers make room for
The ceremony of the
Century now taking place.
Blind. Windy.
Exotic yet, dangerous
To the human eye.

Mountains of snow
Are found everywhere.
Trees, sophisticated ,
Also dress in white.
Houses respectful,
Also dress in white.
The media nonstop
Talk about the event
Eagerly, with sensationalism
In their face,
Awaken by tons of cups
Of coffee and smelly feet,
Greasy hair mandated to
Film or cover the event of the
Century, the blizzard 2015.
Meanwhile, workplaces,
Schools, churches, restaurants,
You name it, are reverent
Not by choice, invisible
In the enchanting wedding of
Our Lady Worcester, here in
Massachusetts, my hometown.




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2 replies

  1. Beautiful, touching words. And that is quite a bit of snow piled up! Great photos.



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