I Had Enough

I had enough of This mortiferous feeling. So I embark in A new trip. The sun will smile at me Every morning. The moon will flirt With my spirit. And, I will welcome A new experience. Someone different. Someone special…. Read More ›

I don’t Know

Can I live without his memory? I don’t know. He is in. That’s what matter! Ten years? One-hundred-twenty months? Five-hundred-twenty weeks? Three thousand, six-hundred-fifty days? Wasn’t that enough time loving him? I don’t know. I just know that he is… Read More ›


I loved him for so many years and Finally he came to me. Unpredictably, he appeared before my eyes, But it didn’t last long. Like a dream, he disappeared by the window of my soul. Like a whisper, he escaped… Read More ›

Love Is

Love is a feeling that no one Really knows how to describe, because Its immensity controls the universe. Its capacity feeds entire nations. Its power goes beyond a smile, and Its contamination doesn’t respect others’ barriers. Love is kind no… Read More ›

The One

Life can hang from a thread So vulnerable. So easy to end in a matter Of seconds. Yet, we humans, synthesize perfection. We are supermen, superwomen, Man-made gods and goddesses, Ignoring the Existence, the Power of the One. Diseases, accidents,… Read More ›